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Escape? But from where?

"Lakat Alatt" (Locked Up) is an "escape game", where we will lock your team in a room and you will have 1 hour to escape!

We are waiting for you in a nicely decorated cellar, with some refreshments, candies (fuel for your brain ;) ) and a washroom. Hospitality is very important to us.

During the game you need to find various items, keys, codes, etc... and you have to figure out how and where to use them. In order to escape you have to use everything you find, only once and only for one purpose. Share your findings and ideas with each other, teamwork is of great importance here!

We will not leave you alone however! You will have the chance to ask for help. We will follow your progress via cameras, and we will give you a hint if you happen to get stuck. The main thing is that you have fun!

So gather a few friends and start the adventure! Time is running out, you have to hurry! Keep one thing in mind though... you should not remain Locked Up!

We would be happy to organize custom tailored birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, team buildings. etc... let it be for small businesses, large businesses or groups of friends. Contact us!

The maximum size of a group is 6 people.

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